Well hello there…


My name is Katie, and in 2015 I made a lifelong dream a reality; to work with flowers. I went back to studying and created The Painted Florist – Well, I didn’t create it, for it is me!

Born and raised in the countryside surrounded by Sherwood Forest, I have always been inspired by wild and abundant flowers and plants. I have been known to have an obsession with Roses. There is no cure apparently.

I now live in the North East of England, with the most inspiring collection of individuals I have ever met, my husband Nev and our two children. They make damn fine florists assistants too!

I drink in excess of 20 cups of tea a day and listen to 80’s rock extremely loud when I am creating.
I love a Gin & Tonic. I have a few tattoos & am always planning more.
I wear flowers (in my hair/corsage/boutonnière) A LOT. Don’t you?

In my spare time I like to visit Alnwick Gardens and look at floral pornography on the internet. I mostly enjoy seeking out mini succulents and have quite a collection - one that continues to grow as they produce offshoots.

I like to push my creativity by entering floristry competitions (mostly to receive professional critique of my work) and in January 2018 I took part in the heats for RHS Chelsea Flower Show - Florist of the Year 2018. You can follow my journey on my Instagram & Facebook.

When not creating floral alchemy, I can be found willow weaving, studying, and singing with my local choir.