Well hello there…


My name is Katie, and in 2015 I made a lifelong dream a reality; to work with flowers. I went back to studying and created The Painted Florist – Well, I didn’t create it, for it is me!

As The Painted Florist has blossomed into an outlet for my creativity, I have been fortunate to work with some amazing industries and people - film, tv and fashion. Notably the fashion shoot with a famous photographer & her work that was published in the largest magazine brand worldwide.

I have also opened a retail store ‘Bonny Blooms’ in The Galleries Shopping Centre which offers ‘grab and go’ style bouquets.

Born and raised in the countryside surrounded by Sherwood Forest (then to the North East via Essex & London), I have always been inspired by wild and abundant flowers and plants. I have been known to have an obsession with Roses. There is no cure apparently.

I now live in the North East of England, with the most inspiring collection of individuals I have ever met.
They make damn fine florists assistants too!

I drink in excess of 20 cups of coffee a day and listen to 80’s rock extremely loud when I am creating.
I love a Gin & Tonic. I have a few tattoos & am always planning more.
I wear flowers (in my hair/corsage/boutonnière) A LOT. Don’t you?

In my spare time I like to visit Alnwick Gardens and look at floral pornography on the internet. I mostly enjoy seeking out mini succulents and have quite a collection - one that continues to grow as they produce offshoots.

I like to push my creativity by entering floristry competitions (mostly to receive professional critique of my work) and in January 2018 I took part in the heats for RHS Chelsea Flower Show - Florist of the Year 2018.
In October 2018 I was first runner up in the IoPF Student Florist of the Year Industry Awards - Yes Im milking the ‘student’ status for as long as possible!
You can follow my journey on my Instagram & Facebook.

When not creating floral alchemy, I can be found willow weaving, studying, and singing with my local choir.